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1. Is FOXWARE well-suited for use in a Public Warehousing (3PL and PRW) environment?

Yes - 70% of our customer base is involved in 3PL operations. FOXWARE is a robust Warehouse Management System that is designed for use in either a manufacturer's distribution center or a Public Warehouse operation. Its strength in the 3PL / PRW environment stems from its database design that allows "multiple inventories" to coexist within the same warehouse. Additionally, FOXWARE has a powerful and flexible 3PL billing capability designed to accommodate the full range of value added services and account specific billing algorithms that are the hallmark of Public Warehousing operations.

Foxware was written from the "ground up" with a focus on multiple inventory tracking. All data repositories and functions are handled with specific "accounts" in mind. Secondly, Foxware comes with a robust invoicing module that automatically calculates storage, and numerous accessorial charges based on product activity. Foxware also supports a data export feature to send accounts receivable information to your accounting system.


2. Can FOXWARE manage multiple sites from one database?

Yes. FOXWARE can support multiple sites as long as both the "host facility" and each remote facility has strong internet connectivity.


3. Does FOXWARE RF Manager provide "Real time" RF functionality?

Yes. Our Radio Frequency software updates the database the instant anything is done in the warehouse. Almost more importantly, instructions given to the operator by the RF system are based on up-to-the-second information.


4. What functions does your FOXWARE RF system support?

RF Manager supports all movement from receipt through shipping, including receiving, directed putaway, product moves, order selection, verification, and shipping.


5. Will FOXWARE work successfully in non-RF environments?

Yes. While FOXWARE has an available full-featured RF module -- providing realtime scanning functionality -- it can also be installed and used without RF. Since our RF functionality is compatible with our "core" DC Manager system, users have the option of adding RF at a later time. Additionally, there is flexibility to use FOXWARE in either RF or "paper-based" mode on an account-by-account basis, allowing customers to implement a solution that works best for their needs.


6. Can inventory status information maintained within FOXWARE be remotely accessed by outside users on a secure basis?

FOXWARE has an optional web-based look up tool called WebView, that allows your authorized user to gain live, realtime access to specific (limited) inventory data contained in your system. Access to WebView is password controlled, with permission granted by the system "owner." Permission levels can be adjusted to insure that the user has access only to data relevant to his needs. Typically, a representative from a given account is given a user name and password that gives access to information pertaining to that account only. A "supervisory-level" user name and password is also possible -- allowing access to information about multiple accounts. All that is required of the remote user is a standard web browser and internet connectivity. A typical application for WebView might involve a 3PL that grants permission to some of its customers allowing them to view product status or order status information. The benefit (and ROI) with this scenario involves the ability for the customer to "self-serve" his need for quick, current, information either "after hours" or even during the normal business day-- thus freeing up valuable Customer Service resources at the 3PL.


7. What information is able to be viewed over the Web?

Current Inventory, Outbound Orders, Inbound Receipts, and Product Activity. All "reports" have flexible sortation criteria so the user can view only the information they want, all have summary and detail levels, and all are printable.


8. Do you have experience exchanging information between FOXWARE and other Enterprise software, including legacy systems?

Because of the commonly existing need, especially within the 3PL environment, to inter-connect FOXWARE (and exchange information) with systems potentially from a multitude of outside entities, we have developed strong capabilities in this area. At the heart of this process is the FOXWARE Data Xchange Manager -- a powerful integration tool that supports data interchange via a number of "standard" protocols -- both EDI and non- EDI. Our EDI experience covers all the standard transaction sets commonly used with the largest "retailers." We also have experience creating the processes that facilitate automatic data exchange in non-EDI environments, and can tailor our solution to fit the needs of the individual customer.


9. What transaction sets does Data Xchange Manager support?

All warehousing related transaction sets, most transportation related transaction sets, and purchase order and invoice related transaction sets.


10. What data formats can FOXWARE Data Xchange Manager support?

Foxware supports all of the common formats, and DSA provides the services necessary to tackle new formats demanded by trading partners. Traditional EDI (using a VAN or directly via the internet), the AS2 protocol, Excel, and CSV files are some examples of technologies supported.