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How can FOXWARE Warehouse Management Software help you?

Let’s consider the realities of your warehousing operation. Are you currently able to accomplish the following goals on a daily basis?

  • Access inventory information that is highly accurate and immediately available
  • Easily track location, quantity, and date in/out of every item in your inventory
  • Quickly pick, pack and ship products
  • Communicate smoothly and accurately between the warehouse, the office and the client
  • Immediately locate a particular item, by batch, condition, and/or pallet ID in the warehouse
  • Achieve close to 100% accuracy on product orders coming into the warehouse
  • Access real-time inventory, Outbound Shipment, Inbound Shipment, and Product Activity information via a web browser
  • Create quicker, more efficient methods for receiving and Shipping goods
  • Eliminate data entry errors
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Stop holding too much safety stock
  • Maintain FIFO according to your business needs
  • Prevent mis-shipments

How many of these goals do you consistently accomplish? Our FOXWARE Warehouse Management Software puts you in a position to consistently accomplish all of the goals listed above. And because FOXWARE consists of modules that address specific needs and solve specific problems, you only have to purchase the software that handles the problems you typically face. That means that you get exactly what you need from our software and nothing less, without having to pay for features you won’t use.


How can Warehouse Management Software help you?

Consider this: According to industry analysts from Gartner, Warehouse Management Software can achieve the following:

  • inventory accuracy between 95% and 99.5%
  • inventory reductions of up to 50% during a three-year period
  • 20% to 40% in labor savings
  • as much as a 20% increase in space utilization.

What’s more, our FOXWARE inventory tracking software provides real-time access to information about your products, shipments and receipts, to give you absolute accuracy in inventory tracking with real-time data management.

Here’s what you can expect after implementing our FOXWARE Warehouse Management Software:

  • Lower labor costs
  • Lower error penalties
  • Lower lost opportunity expenses
  • The addition of RF terminals to forklifts to direct drivers to save 50% of their time
  • Improved inventory accuracy to eliminate ‘buffer’ stock, increase turns and free up floor space
  • Improved inventory accuracy to 99% levels while eliminating key entry errors and physical inventories
  • Cut keypunch and key verification labor when you use barcodes
  • Cut costs for forms and cut errors by eliminating repetitive paperwork procedures
  • More efficient use of lift trucks so you’ll actually need fewer lift trucks
  • Improved customer service by having instant, accurate info at the fingertips of your sales force
  • Enhanced work environment as staff see process improvements and increase productivity

To learn more about FOXWARE and its customizable modules, click here.